SQL Data Types vs. C# Data Types

This article is just a reference of SQL Data Types to C# Data Types.

SQL Server data type CLR data type (SQL Server) CLR data type (.NET Framework)
varbinary SqlBytes, SqlBinary Byte[]
binary SqlBytes, SqlBinary Byte[]
varbinary(1), binary(1) SqlBytes, SqlBinary byte, Byte[]
image None None
varchar None None
char None None
nvarchar(1), nchar(1) SqlChars, SqlString Char, String, Char[]
nvarchar SqlChars, SqlString String, Char[]
nchar SqlChars, SqlString String, Char[]
text None None
ntext None None
uniqueidentifier SqlGuid Guid
rowversion None Byte[]
bit SqlBoolean Boolean
tinyint SqlByte Byte
smallint SqlInt16 Int16
int SqlInt32 Int32
bigint SqlInt64 Int64
smallmoney SqlMoney Decimal
money SqlMoney Decimal
numeric SqlDecimal Decimal
decimal SqlDecimal Decimal
real SqlSingle Single
float SqlDouble Double
smalldatetime SqlDateTime DateTime
datetime SqlDateTime DateTime
sql_variant None Object
User-defined type(UDT) user-defined type None
table None None
cursor None None
timestamp None None
xml SqlXml None


5 thoughts on “SQL Data Types vs. C# Data Types”

  1. This is good
    But you should update this information to also specify the min and max size supported by each data type.

  2. This is nice. However, it could be better. For example, when actually writing C# code, instead of “Int64” one should use “long”, by convention and best-practice. That is what Microsoft has recommended. The matrix ought to reflect such conventions. Regardless, it is a decent matrix. Thanks. — Mark Kamoski

  3. That’s a really useful table 🙂
    But I think the varbinary(1), binary(1) for storing one byte is wrong. I tested it and was not able to store, for example, 0xAA into a varbinary(1), binary(1).

  4. .net grid provides broad capabilities of working with data such as arbitrary class objects, row arrays, objects implementing IList or IDictionary interfaces and objects with variable number of fields dapfor. com

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